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The Information technology has revolutionized the world and has made the world a global village, thus there is a need to keep the students abreast with latest technological developments for which the Institute has a dedicated computer lab having 30 computers  with advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware & software catering to the needs of the students. The school is equipped with a dedicated broadband Internet connection for remaining connected with the outside world. 


With the advancement in Information Technology, different media have come in place to improve methods of teaching and allow the  students to acquire good knowledge from available resources. This concept, introduced at school level, proves to be highly productive; hence two audio-visual labs are kept at the service of students to improve their spoken English, general knowledge & other key subjects.


Natural science is the backbone of every Institution and laboratories act as a spine of observation and experiments. As we are passing through the age of Science and Technology, it becomes mandatory to provide students with working facilities in the school, which we call laboratories. The students are encouraged to perform experiments and make observations, which increase their curiosity, resulting in developing scientific temper among the learners. The goal remains to develop innovations among young minds, hence four separate fully equipped science laboratories dedicated for science experimentation and observation.