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Principals' Desk


"Education" is to draw out and refine whatever the potentialities the child is gifted with. It is the complete development of individuality of the child so that he/she can make an original contribution to human life according to the best of his/her capacity. Anything or any act that contributes towards the experience of the child is of educational value. In a world of Science and Technology, it is education that determines the levels of prosperity, welfare and security of the people.

"Education" is a triangular process the teacher, the taught and the parents; all the three components are inseparable. Our subject is the taught and as such let us join heads and hands to draw the best from the child.

Though school can mean a lot for a child, as it creates a highly maintained atmosphere of discipline, manners, knowledge and better education among the students, yet it cannot do everything. Home is the first school & parents are the first teachers. A child starts learning from the time of his/her birth and thus starts learning at his/her home. The child, for most of the time, remains with his/her family; consequently the family atmosphere of the child is more essential than the environment in the school. The school assists you in making your dreams true, by creating favourable environment to suit the child's potentialities. The school carries out its responsibilities towards the education of the child and such an educative environment cannot be created and sustained without the co-operation of the public in general and of concerned parents in particular. Give me your sincere co-operation; I will make the school a better place for the dear children (In Shah Allah).

Fayaz Educational Institute,
Nowgam, Srinagar, J&K